Award-winning English artist,  Sarah Lockwood-Taylor  has excelled  in a wide range of art genres but is perhaps best known for her textile-influenced  painting and print work.  After living in 6 countries over the last 21 years, Sarah brings global insights and cultures to life in her work to create pieces that are not only dramatic and arresting, but also distinct and highly desirable. Her style is collaborative and humble, but her dedication to perfection and creating art for life is quite simply unparalleled.

Beginning her career working alongside major garment designers in the United Kingdom,  Sarah went on to create major shifts in the UK’s interior design market by pioneering Indian textile and homeware designs for major retailer, Marks & Spencer.  She progressed to create internationally sought after high-end designs for the emerging boutique hotel segment around the world.

During her time in Nigeria in the 1990s, her work received national attention following an exhibition  at the British High Commission and she continued to blend global influences during her time in Malaysia and Singapore.  She began to explore silk screen techniques and her Singapore period is considered to have generated her most dramatic work.

Living for the second time now in the United States, a melting pot of global culture and art, Sarah has taken the next step in her rich artistic life in the discovery of block printing. Most recently Sarah has been passionate about linoleum. She has always used this medium in her textile designs but now is discovering it for individual pieces. Sarah’s surroundings, family, lifestyle and love of animals play a central part in her designs. These bespoke prints of family-loved pets are vivid, dramatic, alive and forever capture the unique bond that exists between animals and their human friends.

Sarah’s work has been exhibited throughout the world, showcased on national television, and sold around the globe.