In my linocuts, I wanted to bring alive the true meaning and deep connection we have with our horses and pets. To capture these feelings for a lifetime. I have such a love and passion for animals and the gift they bring us. The way they make us humble.

Although my work includes many different mediums, I have found a passion for linoleum. It’s so expressive and dynamic- just like our horses and pets! My work work has always been large scale. This translates well to linocuts, but that’s quite unusual for this medium. But I feel it lends itself to these large powerful creatures.
To carve in Lino takes time and patience. I enjoy working with the many contrasts it offers- depth, light, space. These combine to create character, power, uniqueness and a deep connection with the work. You never know exactly where the form takes you but it’s always exciting and rewarding to do the first hand pulled print.

I am excited to see where this path takes us.