1986- Art & Design foundation

Awarded Distinction and won work of the year.


1988- Worthing College of Art & Design National Diploma Textile Design.

Awarded Distinction and won work and student of the year.


1989-1992 BA Honors Textile Design from Derbyshire University. Awarded winning Printing Bursary.


Career summary:

Sarah has enjoyed significant success in a vast variety of different art fields and can lend her hand to many creative areas. She has worked in Textile Design, Interior Design, Fine Arts, Printmaking, and Murals.

Sarah has exhibited in London, Derbyshire, Birmingham, Brighton, and Nigeria. Selling work in many other counties and featured on national television.

She has also freelanced and worked with Calver &Pound, Sanderson, Penny Watt, Lewis & Lewis, and Helen Owens.

Sarah worked and chaired Procter &Gamble’s International Transferees, organizing large events for P&G.

Sarah is seen as highly creative across multiple artistic disciplines, with a range of industry accolades. She sees possibilities and creates a dramatic transformation that is arresting, distinct, and highly desirable. Sarah is known for her collaborative and humble manner. Sarah is dedicated to creating art work others want to keep for life.


1992- Coats Viyella- Transforming home design.

Sarah started as a Textile Designer working with 26 garment designers. This is where her diverse skill set came into play: designing for ladies, men, children, and interior. Sarah designed for major household names including Marks & Spencer’s, Mother care, Woolworths, BHS, Debenhams, River Island, and Etam. Working alongside top designers: Ally Capellino, Paul smith, Art work, and Helen Story.

One in 25 garments worn in the UK was designed by this team. Sarah designed some of the bestselling designs in the internationally renowned Marks & Spencer’s.

During this time, Sarah designed placements, graphics, embroidery, ng badges, labels, Jacquards, knits, and weaves.
She also ran global predictions for Lady Bird.

Sarah also created major shifts in UK interior design products, as the first person to design, source, and manufacture Indian textile and homeware designs for Marks & Spencer’s. Working alongside three others, Sarah’s team became the first in England to manufacture Western Indian goods in High-Street stores.


1996- 1998 Nigeria- The first western spouse to live in Nigeria for Proctor & Gamble.

This is where Sarah started to explore fine art. As a self-starter, Sarah took the leap to organize her first solo exhibition, in Africa! She was invited to exhibit at the British High Commission, receiving national attention, sells her entire portfolio, with two years of commission work. To dovetail with her exhibition, Sarah was also invited to paint the British High Commission Kindergarten. Not only did Sarah teach classes for international groups, but also worked with charity groups to build wells and work with lost children.



2000- Moved to England and as a new Mum, created internationally sought high end designs for the emerging boutique Hotel Segment. With two small children, Sarah helped establish a new interior design company, Blue Touch Trading, were she designed bedding and lighting, using exquisite high end material of silks and hand crafted embroideries. These designs were sold around the world to top boutique hotels.


2004- 2007- Moved to Malaysia.

Here, Sarah started to paint again, quickly being retained for commission work, as well as the stage set designer for several international schools.


2007-  Moved to Singapore.

Another international growth opportunity, completing her as a true global artist, fusing colors, techniques, and inspiration from every major continent.
Sarah continued to paint with an Asian fusion, exploring silk screening and painting. Her Singapore chapter produced some of her most dramatic works and adorn her beautiful home.


2010- Present. Happy to be back in Cincinnati, America, a melting pot of global culture and art.
Sarah stepped into bigger leadership roles, as people saw and warmed to her empathic style. She chaired Procter and Gamble’s huge International Transferees group (comprising over one thousand members,) planning large events, throughout the year, that proved immensely popular. This speaks to her ability to organize major events, that deliver an objective, to bring people together.


2016- Sarah takes the next step in her rich artistic chapter by exploring block printing. These bespoke prints, of family loved pets are vivid, dramatic, and bring alive, for a lifetime, the true meaning and deep connection of horses and pets to a son, a daughter, a partner- these animals are, in a word, irreplaceable, captured by Sarah, forever.